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Guest Post: Beer & Bike Tours

Thanks to Bob Williams from Beer & Bike Tours for the guest post! 

Do you like beer? You obviously like bicycles. Do you like to travel? Why not combine all three?

Beer & Bike Tours is a bicycle tour company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We offer multi day cycling adventures that end each days riding at a craft brewery for a beer tasting. You could say our tours are from pint to pint.

Beer & Bike tours was founded by Bob Williams after moving back to the United States after 6 years abroad in Japan and Germany. While abroad Bob and a group of friends started Beer & Biking as a way to find new pubs and routes to explore. As the group evolved so did the idea to open a bicycle tour company based on the two greatest things in life.

BBT pictures 2

We would like to invite you all to come to Colorado and explore with us. Our tours range from 4 days to 16 days. Stop by our website for more information about specific tours. We are particularly excited to follow the USA Pro Cycle Challenge in August.

The bicycles we use on tour are the same great Raleigh models you can see at Recycled Cycles. If you would like to bring your own bike Recycled Cycles is the place to have it tuned and boxed before your trip. When you book a tour with us mention Recycled Cycles and we will discount your tour an additional $50.


Bob Williams

Beer+Bike Tours Logo+Strap+web


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