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While we were in Park City, UT this summer we learned about an organization that Raleigh is sponsoring called Ride2Recovery. I meant to write about it as soon as we got back, but then…and then…and here we are in October. In any case, better late than never!

If you haven’t heard of Ride2Recovery, check them out. The mission is to help U.S. military veterans with mental and physical recovery through cycling. They stage multi-day, long distance cycling events – and your paid participation allows an injured vet to participate for free. The money raised also goes to support equipment needs, like retro-fitted bikes that can accomodate someone who has had a limb amputated. It was amazing to hear about the lengths these folks would go to in order to create a bike that would work for anyone, no matter the extent of their injuries.

We had the honor of meeting a couple of the Ride2Recovery athletes while we in Utah, including Juan Carlos Hernandez, who started with the organization as a means to recover from injuries sustained in battle in Afghanistan and now works for them. You can read about Juan and some of the other athletes and their stories here. When I think about what it must take for these athletes to get on their bikes each day, it makes me realize my minor aches and pains are really just…minor.

It’s too bad they don’t have a Ride2Recovery Challenge here in the PNW, but they did have a group riding in STP last year, so if you’re interested – or especially if you know a veteran who might be interested, look them up!


Photo Credit: Tiffini Jones Vanderwyst



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