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Partnering with Village Bicycle Project

While our business model relies on restoring used bikes so that we can sell them, giving customers the option of buying an affordable used bike, there are some bikes that come through our doors that it just doesn’t make sense to turn around. Sometimes it will cost us more in labor than we can reasonably charge at resale, or it’s a type of bike that doesn’t suit our customer base. We hate to send people away with these bikes, but we don’t want them to end up in the landfill either.

Problem solved: We recently signed on to become a drop-off point for Village Bicycle Project. Since 1999, the Village Bicycle Project has delivered over 56,000 bikes to Africa, mostly Ghana and Sierra Leone, and has taught 11,000 students bike repair skills to help keep those bikes on the road. VBP gives people in Africa a tool to improve their lives by giving them access to affordable transportation.

We can collect bikes for Village Bicycle Project that need a new home, but aren’t right for resale, for whatever reason. They can even take used parts, tires, wheels and tubes. The parts available in Ghana are often of such poor quality, they prefer our used products to the new ones available there.

That’s not to say we can collect all of your rusty parts and frames to ship to Africa – everything has to be in working or serviceable condition. You can read more specifics about what Village Bicycle Project is looking for here.

We are truly excited about this partnership and are looking forward to being able to get more people – around the world – on bikes!


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