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Meet the Team: Steven Kusy

This week’s Recycled Cycles Racing star is Steven Kusy, who I’m told is “an absolute beast on the bike.” Steven is relatively new to the team but has been busy making his mark, so keep an eye out for him at road races. In the meantime, check out the Recycled Cycles Racing blog and Facebook page for all the team’s latest news.
Name: Steven Kusy
Age: 25
Day job: Nuclear Engineer
Bikes: 3 – 2012 RALEIGH MILITIS 3, 1999 Cannondale R800, Kuota K-Factor TT bike
Years racing: 3
Years racing w/RCR: 2
Type of racing: Road
Favorite race: The harder the better. I like stage races.
Favorite local ride: Out to Snoqualmie Falls
Pre-race/ride fuel: Vegetarian diet fuels me just fine.
Post-race/ride indulgence: Post Ride = PBJ    Post Race = Push-pop?
Why you started racing: 3 knee surgeries. I’ve torn my ACL, MCL, and Medial Meniscus in both knees.
Ever get pre-event nerves? How do you deal? No. It’s bike racing.
How many hours do you log each week? 7-9 hours/week
Dream route – if you could pack up your bike and hit the road, where would we find you? Doesn’t Europe have good routes?

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