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Meet the Team: Mike Brown

We thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of the folks from Recycled Cycles Racing. They’ve got their own blog and Facebook page to keep up with the action in-season, but this will be more of an inside look at the racers you see wearing the RCR kit.

It seemed only natural to start with Mike Brown, who has been racing for Recycled Cycles for about as long as there’s been a team – 12 years. Also known as Brownie, Mike’s day job is with the City of Redmond Parks Department but he still manages to log 10-16 hours on his bike each week.

Name: Mike Brown

Nickname: Brownie

Age: 45

About the Bikes: I own 5 bikes – A nice Raleigh race bike, a Look rain bike, my first race bike (Match), a ti Yeti hardtail mt. bike, and a dust gathering track bike

Type of racing: Road and Mountain

Favorite race: tough call , I would have to say the High Cascades 100 race or any of the road spring classics (my favorite time to race on the road)

Favorite local ride: Snoqualmie Valley (Snohomish, Monroe, Carnation)

Pre-race/ride fuel: Oatmeal

Post-race/ride indulgence: Rold Gold pretzels

Why you started racing: It satisfies my craving for competition. I enjoy the day to day, year to year challenge and discipline that it takes to compete in this sport

Dealing with nerves: I Always have nerves before a race. How do I deal? – Porta pottie.

Weekly hours in the saddle? 10 – 16 hrs. per week

Dream route – if you could pack up your bike and hit the road, where would we find you? Road riding around the Lake Chelan area on a hot summer day, or Mt. biking in Bend,OR


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