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Photo Credit: xJason.Rogersx

Ah, our first Snowmaggedon of the year! Considering the way many people drive in the snow around here, pedaling around town might be your best bet. Plus, it can be fun! Watch out for ice, and use common sense in the snow. Here are a few tips to keep you upright:

  • Tires with treads are your friends. If you have studded tires, all the better. You can even make your own, in a pinch, though we make no claims to the wisdom in that.
  • Brake early and gently, as you would in a car. Be cautious with the front brake.
  • Watch out for ruts caused by refrozen slush – they’re like train tracks and can put you on your backside in a flash.
  • There’s no shame in walking over the icy parts. Leave the ego at home!
  • Going downhill can be sketchy. Use caution.
  • Turns too – especially if you’re transitioning from a cleared main street to a snowy/icy side street.

Enjoy the snow! We don’t get much of it at sea level, so it seems only right to get out and play while it lasts.


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One thought on “Snowcycling…

  1. Micah Emery on said:

    One other tidbit from the world of snow-cycling- keep your bodies weight toward your rear wheel and go with, do not fight your bike as it slides side to side. Loose legs, use them to absorb some of the side to side action in the slick stuff. Just a kind reminder from a guy from maine. Love you

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